Lots of First Times

First time on a plane, on a bus, on a ferry, on a beach... It's pretty awesome to see this city through the eyes of a child.

They are having a blast and adjusting well, but its been hard for them too. We have to drag them around from the mobile store to the bank to house hunting. While we were walking to the market last week, Jack decided to lay down on the sidewalk because his leg was broken. Both hilarious and frustrating at the same time.

It is so green and lush - there are flowers and birds everywhere. I'm a little unnerved by the crows - they are loud and sound like a child yelling. The Kukaburras are brazen and will steal food right out of your hand. And the cockatoos are all over.

The food is so fresh and all of the meat is Australian raised. It's really good. There's no Johnsonville breakfast sausage for Jack, so he's kind of freaking out.

Random things I've learned:

1) The first billboard I saw when we landed was for a mattress company and it said "Koala mattresses have improved both my sperm count and my marriage."

2) Australians seem very blunt in general -They have jewelry stores called Divorce Your Jewelry, so (as it implies) you can sell your jewelry after you get divorced.

3) From what I understand will lose your license if you get caught texting and driving so it is common to have a holder for their phone stuck to their dashboards.

4) I have yet to find a sushi stand that has a tuna roll like we know it. It is cooked tuna and I just can't stomach it.

5) Most alcohol is very expensive. A six pack of Corona is $25. However, wine is pretty cheap, so I'm covered!

6) In most stores, you have to tap your card to pay. They seem to get very confused that I have to insert my card.

7) Noosa yogurt doesn't exist. I have yet to find anything close - there seems to be no Australian-style yogurt (or as they would probably call it - if they had it - just yogurt). (edit: Found some its called Gippsland. I think its better than Noosa.

Overall , this is awesome, fun, exciting, exhausting and frustrating all at the same time. One last note, I actually heard someone say "He looked like a kangaroo in headlights.". I guess that's how I look right now - me and my ridiculously frizzy hair.