I'm Cactus

I was talking to a mom in the park and she was saying how hard it was to keep up with toddlers and she was just cactus at the end of the day. Apparently, cactus is another way to say worn out and a mess (prickly). Well, I'm cactus.

We spend most of our time looking for houses to rent. I try to make it as fun as possible - take the ferry, the bus, the train, find a playground - whatever I can do, but they still look at me with disgust at how un-fun I am. Here's how the rental process works:

1) Realtor sets up an open house, usually on a Wednesday or a Saturday. They seem to all be at the same time. It is 15 minutes long. If you are late, they will not let you in.

2) You rarely get a private showing. You must compete with everyone that shows up at the house in the 15 minute window.

3) If you are not ready with an application immediately upon entering a property, you will most likely not get it. The good news is you can fill one out online and just send it to whatever property you want via the app. Everything, I mean everything is done via app here.

4) I've been advised to offer over asking price and bring cash for the deposit. (This is just a rumor for now.) (Edit: Not true)

It took me five days to get my mobile phone (not cell phone) activated, but I now feel like a normal person again and I'm not finding myself on the corner crying trying to figure out what bus I need to take. (Yes, this happened.)

And this happened... Its almost as big as my hand.