Bush Turkeys

I saw these tiny wild turkeys the other day walking in the park and when I told TW he laughed and told me I was crazy. "There's no such thing as a tiny turkey", he said. Well, I can't seem to get a photo of them, but today I was vindicated. I met a man in the park who said they are Bush Turkeys and they have a nest in the park. Well, ha! It may be the one time he's wrong to call me crazy. They are pretty funny. Hopefully, I'll get a photo one day.

Today, I bought a car. Its old and cheap, but that's all we need right now. And its still newer than my 4-Runner in Colorado - the headlights work and it doesn't have the smell of a toddler who was locked inside it for a week. Driving here still scares the shit out of me. STAY LEFT, JUST STAY LEFT. I put my wipers on every time I mean to hit the blinker. I can't find the gear shift and I have no sense of how close cars are to me on the left side. I don't yet have the guts to take it out of the neighborhood. I might venture to the grocery store tomorrow.

The kids seem to be adjusting. Everywhere we go there is someone for Jack to play with. Tessa is not as lucky and she is pretty sad that there is no one her age to play with. She asks me everyday to find her a friend. It's very sad to hear her say that. I am really trying. All of the kids 5 and older are in kindergarten. We go to playgroups, but all the kids are under 3. We met a little girl in the park her age today and I thought she was going to explode. They live down the street and are American too, so that's pretty cool. I don't want to tell her we've got to move in a couple weeks.

Aussie grocery stores are a new experience. There's not as much choice as we're used to, there's not much American. The American stuff is pretty expensive. The Cheerios taste like crap. There may be some flavors somewhere, but I didn't see any. Lamb is a lot cheaper here than in the US and it is so good! Despite being from a state with a ton of lamb, our prices can't even get close to theirs. There are a lot of meat pies, which I actually like - Tessa loves them, Jack not so much. They love peas here and they seem to put carrots in a lot of things (like lasagna, Ugh). Their carrots are the biggest one's I have ever seen. They are roughly 1.5 to 2 inches wide. They eat smashed peas with eggs on them. I just can't.

I met a group of American Moms this week. That was great! Like Tessa, I am starved for friends. I learned, the struggle is real. They had some good advice, but also said, you have to stick with it. It's just hard. TW was in New Zealand last week, Singapore this week, Japan next week and Singapore (I think) again the following week. So, that makes it a little more difficult, but it may just be the push I need to brave the streets.

We're off to look at more houses this weekend. They still only have "inspections" on Saturday and Wednesday. We really have to map them out carefully, but it can be done. We are now ready upon seeing a house to submit our application on the spot - on an app, of course.

And here's the infamous Kookaburra:


Aussie Speak of the Week:

Rat Race = Rush Hour

No Dramas = No Worries

How Going? = How's it Going? (obviously, but still different)