I drove, I drove and I drove! I didn't do too badly (according to Tessa). Here are the tricky things - I keep turning the wipers on when I want the turn signal, I don't do well in roundabouts because I look the wrong way and I look the wrong way to look in the rear view mirror too. Its definitely going to take some time, but at least I am mobile and I didn't kill us all.

Here's what it was like when I was not mobile:

- Call an Uber

- Sit and wait on the curb with our carseats

- Have the driver tell me he can't take us without carseats

- Point to carseats that he almost ran over

- Strap in the carseats (Australian carseats don't seem as safe)

- Pay a fortune

- Take carseats out

- Look for a place to store them

- Rinse & repeat

We are still struggling to find a place to rent. Its very difficult because we can only look on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I was actually granted a rare personal showing. It was a nice place in a great area, but there was an apartment behind it that looked like there were squatters living there. We've at least narrowed down the area - The Northern Beaches. I am of the opinion if there are that many beaches, we should live on or, at least, near one. I did rule out Balgowlah because I can't say it.

Tessa has a friend! We just had a playdate! Tessa is so excited about her new "best friend". She has a little sister about Jack's age, so being the ladies man that he is, he's got new girlfriend.

We went to a kids performance at the famous opera house. Its was not that exciting because we were in one of the smaller rooms in the basement. It was a musical trip through Australia. Tessa loved it. Jack wanted to go home. I thought the narrator was really annoying - he pretended to be all the animals. I'm not sure TW was particularly impressed either. Its a pretty impressive building though. It's massive!

I've always heard Australians drink a lot, its true. I met a mom's group in the park last Friday for "Cupcakes and Wine". (It's my kind of playgroup!) I brought healthy snacks. They were not impressed. Today, I saw a group of construction workers sitting around having a beer on the construction site after their shift was over. I expect the neighbors to be loaded and loud as usual around here on a Thursday night - Thursday Night Football (ie. Rugby). I heard it wasn't a big deal (by an Uber who was a professional football player), but something goes on around here on Thursday nights.

They also take their lunch breaks very seriously. I met one mom who was in the middle of giving birth (starting to push) when her midwife went on her lunch break. True story.

Aussie Speak of the Week:

Surfies = Surfers

Removalists = Movers

Bubs = Baby/Kid

Parking lights (on a car) = Running lights

Boot = Trunk

Bin = Trashcan (G-mail actually changed my "Trash" folder to "Bin")

There is definitely a language barrier simply because I pronounce my r's. I asked for a Cars juice box and the woman thought I said Orange.

Well, I'm ending my Thursday and you're beginning your's. I can tell you that Thursday is a good day.