Your options are...

Vivid Sydney 2018

Tessa said to me the other day, "Mom, your options are: Take us for ice cream, take us to the park or take us to get ice cream and go to the park. What option do you choose?" I chose take us to the park. Which was a good choice because we got to see skywriting. The kids thought it was awesome and wanted to know how the planes did it. I told them it was magic smoke. Since then I googled it - its essentially magic smoke.

We are no longer rolling stones - we have laid our hat down for at least six months. If they don't start fixing things around here, it might be less. We moved in Saturday. Until today we've had no stove and no oven. We also have one broken toilet and the bathtub has no water to it. The 1970's dishwasher is broken - like that's a surprise. It seems like someone would have checked these things before they rent it out. But, that doesn't really seem to their bag here.

Our removalist, Jack

I thought I was doing pretty well driving, until Jack was pretending to drive our moving van and said "F**k". So then I said, "What did you just say?" And Tessa said, "He said f**k." Oops. I'm usually really good about that in front of the kids, but roundabouts are a bitch. That is one that's going to come back to haunt me.

We received our container from the US today. It took 12 weeks, which actually worked out perfectly because it could come directly here. It was clear that customs and quarantine went through everything. It was poorly wrapped back up and there was a ridiculous amount of tape. They didn't even bother to re-wrap my Christmas ornaments. The removalists that delivered everything said they've never seen anything like it. Quarantine destroyed my feather Christmas trees, which I really loved. Importing feathers - illegal. They said they could gamma irradiate them for $500. Which really just sounds made up. I decided I didn't love them that much. They also wanted to destroy Tessa's bike, but we were able to get it cleaned and it was allowed to pass through. I didn't want to explain to a 5 year old that her bike "fell into the ocean".

The next couple weeks are called Vivid Sydney. It's pretty awesome - that's the photo at the beginning. They light up the whole city with different colors and then they have smaller light displays all over the city. I can't wait to go exploring. They also have a lot of speaking events about technology, trends and design. I hope I can go see a couple over the weekend.

New and exciting things in wildlife this week. There was a lady next door that would feed cockatoos out of her window on the fourth floor. I don't think the photo shows it very well, but one of the cockatoos has a slice of bread in its claws. I found an Australian brushtailed possum the other night when I went down to see Vivid. I finally got a photo of a bush turkey. There was a gigantic spider in the closet the day we left the old place - its called a Huntsman and they are supposed to be good to have around since they eat other bugs, but they are creepy. And there was a huge cockroach in a glass when I woke up this morning. Anyone who knew me back in cockroach country knows my extreme fear of cockroaches. I can take spiders, snakes, beetles and worms, but I completely freak out at the sight of a cockroach. I haven't seen one in 13 years - one of the things I love about Colorado. Needless to say the property manager got a panicked call from me. "Forget the dishwasher, take care of the roaches!"

Lastly, I got my debit card last week. I can now tap. If you can't tap to pay at a store, everyone gets very annoyed at you. It's equivalent to being behind the person that is writing a check at the grocery store. All you hear behind you is a collective, "Ughhh".

Aussie Speak of the Week:

Caravan = Camper

Globe = Light bulb

Cane chair = Wicker chair