Chicken Salt & Tasty

It's orange season! I'm all about doing stuff that we can't do at home. And one thing we can't do in Colorado is pick oranges - to be precise, Mandarins. We found a family farm that allows people to pick their own mandarins. We paid for a couple buckets and voila off we went into the orchard. Tessa was very meticulous at finding the perfect ones to pick. Jack, however, thought it was more fun to pick them and then chuck them on the ground if he didn't like one. Needless to say, we put those in his bucket whether he liked it or not.

Based on our outing last weekend, I figured this was the perfect blog to talk about food. As most of you know, I am very food-centric. When I am finished with one meal, I am already worried about when and what my next meal will be.

The first time someone asked me if I wanted chicken salt on my chips (french fries) I asked what it is. They said, "its good". It doesn't seem that anyone knows for sure. Its just awesome! It is not made of chicken bullion or something chickeny as one might think (well, TW and I thought). It is a blend of spices that they started using to roast chickens and it eventually spread to sprinkling on chips. ( I had to Google it.) Tessa would lick it off the fries if we would let her.

There are a lot of roast chicken restaurants and lots of Asian restaurants, particularly Thai. So, I'm all about the restaurants. We usually experience these restaurants via UberEats since we don't have that at home and going out with Frick and Frack is a total nightmare these days. So, we spare other diners trying to have a pleasant meal the crazy train that will surely derail at their table.

The grocery store is a new experience every time I go. However, the same thing does happen every time. I go to the deli counter and ask for a half a kilo of cheese (basically a pound). They are surprised I want that much cheese and don't seem to know how to do it. Last time I got asked "how many people are you feeding?" I am thinking, not really your business, just give me my cheese, but I say "Four". She says, "About how many slices do you want?" Ugh. This went on until I finally said "15, just give me 15." Turns out 15 slices is half a kilo. Now I know. (The same thing happened to TW too.) I guess in their estimation half a kilo of cheese is too much. Maybe we just eat too much cheese.

Speaking of cheese... There is some sort of cheese here called "Tasty". I don't know what it is exactly. Its closest to Cheddar. As far as I'm concerned, its mystery cheese. Its everywhere. You can get it in slices, blocks, shredded and cubed. You can only get it in Australia. It's really not that bad once you figure out how to use it. Its a little dry.

There isn't as much choice for dry goods as we have in the US which really isn't all that bad either. For example, instead of an entire aisle of chips, there is only about one third of an aisle. Cereal and soft drinks are the same way. In the deli, I have the choice of about 5 different meats and 2 types of cheese. The meat section and the produce section are great. There are a ton of options. Just don't expect to find a pot roast.

OK - enough food.

Jack started pre-school last week. Just one day a week with Tessa. He was so excited. He wants "boy friends". When we were walking up to the school, there was a little boy at the gate. Jack said "Mom, I want a friend... That one" and pointed at the little boy.

Tessa was very concerned when we got to school as they were getting ready for morning tea. She said, "I don't like tea". The teacher explained that she didn't have to drink tea. And I told her it was just like snack-time, they just call it tea-time. She still seemed a little worried. We'll see how worried she is when they whip out the Vegemite sandwiches.

This last photo was from yesterday. I just think its cool - there's a group of retired men that build their own miniature sailboats and then they race them every so often. One man was so nice and explained to us how it works, how the sail and rudder move and how he built his boat. Just one more thing I thought a lot cooler than the kids did.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! I'm really going to miss the fireworks, although I'm not sure there's going to be a lot of them in Colorado this year. Our thoughts are with all the fire victims. I wish I could send all our rain to you.

Aussie Speak of the Week (Food Edition)

Museli bar = granola bar

Streaky bacon= U.S. bacon

Bacon = ham slices

Rice Bubbles = Rice Krispies

Sultanas = raisins

Full Cream Milk = Whole Milk