It's A Lurgy

Tessa in Ball Pit at Warringah Mall

TW has been asking me when I'm going to use the Aussie word he learned awhile back in my blog. I told him there would be an appropriate time. Now is that time. I have caught a lurgy - an unidentified, infectious disease. I have a cold. In case anyone is wondering, Australian colds are the same as American colds - they suck.

So, it was bound to happen and last week, it did. I hit someone. Mirror to mirror contact on the passenger side. He was parked. Ugh! I was so upset and felt terrible. I went house to house trying to find him (or her) and I had no luck. One couple asked me if I wanted to come in because "Love, you need to stop shaking." I left a note and I still haven't heard anything. I was lost and flustered because Google completely missed a step in the directions. (Remember, I'm not a genius like TW, I need Google.) Well, that's a mirror I really need, so I had Sam fix it. I felt a lot better when he said his wife did the same thing a few months ago. Whew! The roads here are pretty narrow and there are always people parked on both sides of the street. I know its just part of city driving, but since they also drive on the other side of the road there is an added level of difficulty.

My mom asked me if Jack learned a new word when I hit that car and I am proud to say he did not. He did learn how to make a squeal, moan, yell noise of horror and embarrassment. He's so sweet. He keeps saying, "He's not nice. He hit you." At least one of my kids sticks up for me. Tessa just ratted me out to TW the second he walked in the door.

My accident happened on the way back from Costco. COSTCO! So, the accident kind of ruined my Costco high. It's pretty much like American Costco except they have some unusual bulk items - giant jars of Vegimite and huge containers of Chicken Salt (which, yes, I bought). I got a little teary when I saw Sweet Baby Rays and I made the kids jump when I squealed with delight over Goldfish. Every once and awhile its just nice to see something familiar.

Tessa Working on Her Home-Built Computer

Australian kids go to school year round, so they are currently between the 2nd and 3rd sessions. They get two weeks off between most quarters until December and then I think it may be a month or more for Christmas/Summer break. The new school year starts at the end of January. So, Tessa will start Kindergarten or "Kindy" in January. All the usual kids activities cease and everywhere we usually go is packed, so we've been laying low which has been pretty easy with my cold. I'm ready to get them back into some activities next week though. We're continuing swimming lessons and starting dance class. And yes, Jack is going to dance as well. I tried Brazilian Jui-jitsu as they were the only martial arts studio that would take a three year old, but they wanted $35 a lesson! TW asked me, "How did we go from Jack taking Brazilian Jui-jitsu to dance?" Poor kid could use it though, he loves to dance and he is just flat out clumsy. I have had to sign an incident report everyday he has been to school. Currently he has a fat, bruised lip and a bruise on his cheek. I'm sure his teachers would think I'm beating him if they didn't see it for themselves.

TW is travelling all week, so he gave me the day off on Sunday. I took the bus down into the city to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I walked around downtown, caught a craft market and the Bastile Festival. Imagine all of the French food you can think of each in its own food truck. That was the Bastile Festival. Yummy! The museum is really beautiful. There was a wonderful display from an aboriginal bark painter that I really enjoyed - John Mawrundjul. I also watched a street performer play the didgeridoo. I put a video of it in the comments section - he's doing didgeridoo Samba, so he says. Here's one of John Mawrundjul's paintings:

John Mawrundjul

We've booked our flights home to Colorado for TW's Hall of Fame induction in September. I used to think that anywhere I laid my hat was my home and was proud to say I'd never lived anywhere longer than 4 years. Maybe its age or maybe I finally found my home, but man, I miss Colorado. This is one hell of an adventure though, and I'm so fortunate to be here. Cheers, mates!

Aussie Speak of the Week

Maccas = McDonald's

Hungry Jack's = Burger King

Cubby House = Play House

Cactus = Frazzled or Prickly (Someone who works with TW clarified this for me - its not just exhausted, but still applies to me most days. Ha!)