We Prefer "Traveling Showmen"

It's been awhile since my last blog post and we've been busy. We went back to the US for a couple weeks at the end of September. TW was inducted into the Western State Athletics Hall of Fame for his accomplishments as a linebacker in college. I had always heard he was good, but now I understand just how good.

Saturday, we went to The Brookie Show. It was a carnival in Brookvale - a short bus ride south of us. There were more inflatables than I have ever seen in one place - obstacle courses, giant slides, mazes. In general, though, it didn't differ much from a US carnival or festivals held each summer there. They did have different carnival foods, but not a funnel cake or fried Twinkie to be found! But, chips on a stick, you bet. Its basically a fried, spiraled potato on a stick.

Carnies are quite an impressive lot compared to the stereotypical US carnie. They were all in uniforms and someone was going around giving them espressos. I can see why they would prefer Traveling Showmen. I'm not sure if this was the norm in the land of Oz, but I definitely noticed the difference.

We saw some people with some animal shaped balloons and went in search of the balloon man. We found him doing a show and Tessa was unlucky enough to get called up on stage. (Yes, UN-lucky.) You've never seen shear disappointment on a child's face when someone makes her a balloon, hands it to her and then says she can't have it. I guess at some point the Council told him he couldn't give them out anymore. I don't know why and she just didn't understand. Mama Bear about stormed the stage. He gave her a ticket for a free ride which she now has displayed in her bedroom. I can't believe what a good sport she was. Not a tear was shed. Here was that moment...

Its also the time to find a new home to lay our hats. Our lease is up in November (thank goodness). Now, that I've got the process down, it wasn't too painful. I was able to secure several private showings and in the end found a quiet place, closer to the city and near public transportation. We won't have the view anymore, but it will be nice to sit outside without traffic and buses going by all the time, to not have leaks, to not have to light our stove and oven by hand, door knobs that don't come off in my hand and have working smoke detectors. We're moving to Greenwich - the Lower North Shore.

The car that you've heard me complain about for 6 month is now gravely ill - transmission problems. Considering a new transmission would cost more than the car, we decided it was time to upgrade. Yesterday, TW bought us a new car! (I think after the first one, he doesn't really trust me to buy another car, which is fine by me.) Its a very nice, gently used SUV and its actually of this decade.

We have had so much rain lately. I think I've heard there have only been 4 days where it hasn't rained in the last 20. I try to get the kids out of the house between raindrops, but that is hard to. I wish I could send this rain home.

Last week, I caught some unusual waves out in the ocean. I grabbed the binoculars and saw there was a whale and calf out there. While they were pretty far away, I was still able to see them breach and it was just amazing to see that out our living room window. We are truly fortunate.

Aussie Speak of the Week:

Stuffed Up = Messed up

Knock on Effect = Chain Reaction

Budgie Smuggler = A men's Speedo

Scheme = a plan or process, like the Medicare Scheme (it doesn't have the negative connotation that we have in the US)